Nebulus 0.8.0January 08 2007
Description : Nebulus is an OpenGL visual plugin for XMMS.

It's conceptually a compilation of various
OpenGL effects that depends on the music.

Here is the ChangeLog:

- Rewriting of the glthreads effects.
- Use mutex when really created (fix deadlock).
- Fix memory leak with SDL_ttf.
- New translation (pt).
- Pause and unpause display works again.

Unofficial Debian Etch package is available here.

Use "--with-ttf-font" to enable OpenGL fonts.
md5sum: 07c15281a5e2e242a79536c07982cf5a

Enjoy it !

Also a backports of various applications can be
found in my repository and other stuffs.
Download :
Source files (tar.bz2) or the SVN development Author: Pascal Brochart